I am a bassist and composer. If you’d like to get in touch about lessons, booking a studio session, playing a show, or comissioning a piece of music, please do get in touch.


I really don’t know how to take seriously the task of writing a Biography about myself.

I love playing bass, I love writing music - speaking of things I love: I also love coffee and pizza, writing and telling stories, comic books, drawing pictures, movies with swords in them, adventures, and my wife and daughters.

What else do you want to know about me?
Do you want to know about all the amazing musical experience I have amassed over the last 25 years? The places I’ve toured? The songs I’ve written? The bands I’ve been in? Do you want to know how fast I can shred? Do you want to know how slappy is my slap style?

Well, good. Here are the answers in order:

  • 25 years of experience = groove as hard as you can.

  • The continental US, Canada, Australia, China.

  • Check out the bandcamp page, as well as the discography below

  • Exhaustive list can be found here

  • Super fast.

  • Slap Style Slappity Rating is right around a 3400.


Atomic Cocktail / The Nubs:

Atomic Cocktail: Self Titled (cassette only) - 1996 (Out of Print)

The Nubs : Here Come The Nubs - 1998 (Out of Print)

Toast Machine:

The EP - 2004?

Rock Wattage - 2006

On The Attack:

Self Titled (2009)

The Brothers Comatose:

Songs From the Stoop (2010)

Respect The Van (2012)

City Painted Gold (2016)

Ink, Dust & Luck (2019)


Hammerhead (1992-1994)

Atomic Cocktail (1994-1996)

Bollix (1995-1996)

The Nubs (1996-1999)

Toast Machine (1998-2012)

Deep Blue String (2001-2003)

High Horse (2002-2004)

The Bloomfield Trio (2005-2006)

On The Attack (2007-2008)

Wind Up Trio (2009-2010)

The Brothers Comatose (2008-2018)

Bronze Medal Hopefuls (2019 - present)